Bump on Lip

Bump on Lip

bump on lip
bump on lip

At times some of us may suffer from having bumps on the lips. These may sometimes become so uncomfortable to the extent that it would hamper you from speaking properly or perhaps eating and drinking. Having bumps on the lips could come from various causes. This could mean that you have eaten or used something (such that of cosmetics) that you could possibly be allergic to. However, this could also be possibly brought about by some serious conditions such as venereal or sexually transmitted diseases or perhaps cancer. That is why if you have noticed some abnormal growths in your lips or within the oral cavity, you should not have second thoughts in consulting your doctor because this may indicate something. If you’re suffering from bumps on the lips or you simply would just want to know about it you may further read this article.

Symptoms of Bumps on lip

Aside from the formation of bumps on the lips, other symptoms may also be present which include the following:

  • Difficulty speaking/eating
  • Dry/flaky lips
  • Pain
  • Presence of blisters
  • Tingling


There could be at least a dozen possible causes for the development of bumps on the lips. The causes may range from benign ones to more serious ones. However, it is only through proper medical screening that you would eventually get to know the exact cause of the formation of bumps on the lips. Some of the most common causes of bump on the lips are the following:


When a person is abusing alcohol and is considered to be a chain smoker, he is likely to develop bumps on the lips. People who chew tobacco are also at risk for developing bumps on the lips. And when this eventually takes place, the bumps could possibly have malignant tendencies. You could suspect that one is suffering from oral cancer when there’s also a sore in the mouth that doesn’t seem to heal.

Fordyce Granules

This can be among the myriad causes of bump formation on the upper lip. This is considered to be a genetic condition which means this is not entirely contagious. Unlike other possible causes of bump formation on the lip, Fordyce granules can only be removed through surgical operation.

Herpes simplex

Herpes simplex is a type of viral infection. This primarily affects the genitals. Nonetheless, this could also affect the mouth and the entire oral cavity. Herpes simplex is transferred through kissing. Sharing the same utensils with an infected person could also make you sick of herpes because the virus is transferred via the saliva. Nevertheless, there are ways on how you can prevent yourself from catching the virus. By observing a good hygiene such as regularly washing the face and avoiding contact with infected items you can avoid contracting the disease. To date there is really not a specific cure for herpes only ways to relieve its symptoms.


Staphylococcal infections like impetigo also causes bump on the lips. This can be characterized by the presence of fluid-filled bumps or blisters on the mouth.


The human papillomavirus (HPV) which is the primary reason why warts develop can also be accounted for the development of bumps on the lips. Though warts are commonly found on the hands this may also spread on other areas including the lips. You don’t really need to seek immediate medical attention when you have developed warts or bumps on the lips and may sometimes be called for only when discomfort is felt.


There can be several approaches involved in the treatment of bumps on the lips. Since the bumps on the lips can be brought about by different conditions, the treatment modalities may also vary. However, some of the commonly rendered treatments include the following:

Home Remedies

Before seeking medical treatment, there are some ways for you to relieve the discomforts or perhaps prevent the formation of bumps on the lips. You may apply petroleum jelly, aloe vera or cocoa butter to prevent it from drying. You should also try to avoid anything which worsens the condition such as chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol. Not only that, even the use of cosmetics must also be avoided.

Medical Intervention


Your physician may also prescribe you with topical antibiotics, usually in the form of an ointment, to be applied over the affected area. This is commonly prescribed to prevent the occurrence of secondary infections.


In certain instances wherein treatment seems to be futile, doctors would usually resort to surgery. The bumps will be surgically removed and the lips will be restored afterwards.

These are just a few of the things that you should learn about the presence of bumps on the lips. Now, that you know what could the possible causes be, it would also be easier for you how to prevent the formation of such.

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  1. Recently, I woke this morning and noticed little red bumps under my lower lip. I’m not really sure if they’re just cold sores, or something else. My lower lip is very itchy, but I try my best not to bit or scratch my lip. How could I help prevent this from happening again? Please let me know, as soon as possible as you can. Thank you!