Warts on Feet

Warts on Feet

warts on feet
warts on feet

What are Warts on Feet?

Warts on the feet or commonly known as plantar warts are experienced by people of any age group. The formation of these warts provides discomfort to the affected. This condition can be straining for the person affected for he/she will have difficulty in walking and running. Because of the round growth formation of these warts on our skin, the alteration of comfort becomes the foreseeable problem.

Leaving the warts untreated can be debilitating because of the pain. It is said that plantar warts are reported very painful. One should consult the doctor immediately to find the right solution for the wart formation. Fortunately, in most cases leaving the warts as it is may disappear in time but can exist to months and years. It is highly advisable that seeking treatment is a must.

The presentation of these warts can be darkening of the skin around the lesion but lightening of the skin is possible with visible striaes. They can be large in number but small in size. Rough surfaces grow around the foot commonly on the soles of the feet. The lump formation can be the source of discomfort.

Causes of Warts on Feet

These warts found on the soles of our feet are common to children and young adults, most especially to those who walk barefooted in public areas. This condition is said to be contagious because of the causative agent human papilloma virus or HPV. This agent is said to affect not just our feet but also can be found affecting our fingers, knees, legs or under our nails.

Repeated exposure of friction or pressure on the patient’s skin can precipitate formation of warts.

Warts on Feet Treatment

One should prevent the formation of these warts to avoid the hassle of treating them. One should avoid the following:

  • Walking barefoot in public areas
  • Sharing shoes and socks
  • Direct contact on the body parts of people affected of warts

Treatment for warts can be attained over the counter which includes salicylic acid. This can be available in drop, gel, pad, and plaster forms. This can treat small to large sized warts. This can dissolve the protein which is responsible for the makeup of warts and the dead skin along with it. Salicylic acid is said to be a keratolytic medication.

Sprays for freezing the warts are also made available over the counter. This is called aerosol wart treatment that is effective as a freezing method of remedy.

Using of duct tapes to suffocate the warts has claimed its effectiveness in treating the warts. This course of taking care of warts is said to be difficult for the tapes tendency to fall off from the skin. It is much more effective too if placed in a very long period of time which can be a hassle and difficult to attain.

Topical application of imiquimod is done to induce immunotherapy. This can be in a form of dilute glutaraldehyde that is said to be an old treatment for warts. This has been found effective through the years.

Immunotherapy is done and has been found as a new treatment for warts. This is aimed to the viral agent responsible for wart formation.

Surgical removal of the warts is also considered for treatment:

  • Cryotherapy – surgical removal by freezing
  • Electrocautery or cauterization– surgical removal by burning, which is the use of cautery
  • Laser therapy

One of the complications of warts formation is spreading. The risk for recurrence is also present as well as the formation of scars after healing. The removal of the warts can also induce keloid formation. One should contact the doctor immediately when wart formation is identified.


One is susceptible in acquiring HPV because this agent can enter our body easily through body cuts or breaks. Warts on feet are common to people who have cut the soles of their feet and walk barefooted in public areas such as the common pool and public lockers or showers.

A person affected of warts should be socially responsible. Do not contaminate others with the viral agent HPV by:

  • Covering the wart with an adhesive bandage
  • Using footwear when in public areas such as communal showers, bathrooms and the like
  • Not sharing materials for hygiene such as towels, clothes, shoes or socks

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warts on feet pictures

warts on feet pictures

warts on feet pictures

warts on feet pictures

warts on feet pictures

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