Bump on Head

Bump on Head

bump on the head
bump on the head

People who engage in strenuous sports and other activities are most likely to suffer from bumps on the head. This is often alarming especially for the parents of smaller kids. Truly, anyone would feel that this is a major concern. Bumps and other concerns involving the head are often given immediate attention. Nevertheless, there could be some instances that bump on the head are not really a big deal. It’s a case to case basis though.

Further understanding how bump on the head forms would help you discover whether or not this is a serious condition. You’ll get to know more about bump on the head including its first aid and other medical interventions as you continue reading this article.


The primary manifestation of having a bump on the head is of course the presence of swelling on the scalp which is also called the goose egg. Bleeding may also be present. Since bump on the head is an injury that may involve the brain, you should also watch out for other symptoms that would possibly be present such as:

  • Lethargy
  • Loss of balance
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Visual disturbances (blurry/foggy vision)
  • Vomiting

Causes of Bump on Head

Anatomically speaking, there are several tiny blood vessels located within the scalp. This is considered to be one of the areas with the most abundant blood supply. However, the primary reason why bumps form on the head is due to the rupture of the blood vessels. Nevertheless, you cannot also right away conclude that you’re already suffering from a serious brain injury. You don’t have to worry because the delicate brain is being protected by a rigid skull. The skull is tough so this can withstand blows to it without injuring the brain. Minor falls usually just damage the scalp and not necessarily the skull and the brain. Since the scalp is highly vascular, injury to it would cause bleeding. The pooling of the blood in one area is the main reason why bump develops on the head, otherwise called the goose egg. The bump on the head would grow in size in an instant. However, there’s no need for you to fret about it. Usually, the bump on the head would just resolve with the application of an ice pack perhaps. However, you cannot also be too complacent at all times, especially when you suspect that a person is suffering from a concussion which is a more serious injury.

Treatment for Bump on Head

Bump on the head generally has to be given medical attention though not right away. Before medical treatment is sought, it is crucial that first aid treatment is rendered. More specifically, the following may be included in the treatment of bumps on the head:

Ice application

When you see that someone has sustained a bump on the head, just keep your composure and don’t ever freak out. Initially, you may take ice or an ice pack from the fridge, wrap it with a clean cloth and apply it to the affected part. This would eventually slow down the swelling. Ideally, cold compress should be applied for about 20 minutes with a five minute break then reapplied afterwards. This should be done while waiting for further treatments to be rendered.

Apply pressure

When bleeding is present, there certainly is a need for you to stop it. Stopping the bleeding is pretty easy. All you have to do is take out a clean piece of cloth and apply it directly to the bleeding site. You may see that there’s a lot of blood trickling but don’t fret, this is just due to the vascularity of the scalp. The blood lost isn’t really much, contrary to what you have perceived.


You may also give acetaminophen should the patient suffer from a headache. This would usually help relieve it.

It is also important to closely observe the patient for some danger signs. When the person starts to vomit, have visual impairments, lose balance and eventually lose consciousness, you should seek medical treatment pronto because these could be among the signs of impending doom. You should rush the patient to the nearest emergency department for a more sophisticated treatment. If the bleeding still doesn’t stop, this may have to be stitched. The patient may also have to be subjected to imaging tests such as CT scan or MRI to evaluate the extent of the damage.

Though it can be stated that having a bump on the head is not at all times a medical emergency, this does not however mean that medical attention is not needed at all. Serious symptoms may sometimes just be delayed so you have to be just alert all the time to respond in emergency cases. The bottom line is that you know what to do in case someone sustains a bump on the head.

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