Inner Thigh Pain

Inner Thigh Pain

Inner Thigh Pain
Inner Thigh Pain

It is very common to hear somebody talking about an inner thigh pain and it is always can make you feel sorry to hear that this pain can stop people from doing their beloved activities. In addition to that, it can last from few minutes to several hours and sometimes it may last longer than that, this mean pain can vary from severe pain to general ache, and unfortunately it becomes much sharper at night so it may sometimes make people suffer for long hours with a lack of sleep. Therefore, if you are interested in a specific similar case and eager to know about the real causes of the inner thigh pain and its effective treatments you have to keep reading.

Causes of Inner Thigh Pain

Muscle Strain

The first cause we will talk about is muscles strains, it is very common to happen after a rough activity such as running, Pilates and every other types of sport especially when you push yourself to the max trying to examine your bear ability, this action can drive to some kinds of injuries, related to groin strains or other kind of thigh muscles pull and these injuries will definitely result pain that varies from light to severe depending on the body nature and its ability to bear pain, and the kind of physical stress you put your body under.

Kidney Stones

The second cause to be mentioned is the kidney Stones because it can affect the urine volume, so that it will cause a pain to either the groin and the thigh area or even both.

Inner thigh pain during Pregnancy

Furthermore, we can never ignore to explain about the common inner thigh pain that occurs during pregnancy , and we are sorry to say that walking and standing will definitely make the problem worse, so you have to be sure to relax while feeling this kind of pain because in case of pregnancy it can hardly ever considered temporary, you have to be conscious that it is related to a medical condition due to a kind of hormone that causes a kind of relaxation in the bond that carry the pelvic bone, the thing that can cause instability for this bone and lead to a pain which settles down in the inner thigh.

Inguinal Hernia

Another common factor that can result inner thigh pain is inguinal hernia that occurs in the groin as weak point in it may generate some kind of soft tissue, specifically at the top of inner thigh. Which can cause the pain. For record, we have to indicate that hernia may be a birth default, but some other types of hernia can occur by some kind of increasing pressure in abdomen like for example the cases of fluid in abdomen or may be a prolonged coughing or heavy lifting, gaining weight or even pregnancy, etc.

Telling more and more about the causes of this pain may form a very long list but due to the large number of people suffering from this situation, it deserves to be widely explained. For that reason we will keep telling about the fifth cause, which is attributed to osteoarthritis, this situation is a type of damage in the cartilage due to growing older, obesity, and many other factors that affect the hips joins causing a chronic inner thigh pain that can gradually get worse. Finally, there is that kind cancer in shape of bone tumor, which mostly appear in the upper thigh causing the inner thigh pain. This kind of tumor called Osteosarcoma.

And our list can grow longer and longer, but we can almost state that the previous causes are the most conditions to be taken into consideration for medical consulting.

Symptoms of Inner Thigh Pain

If we want to discuss symptoms we can truly state that it is all about the pain in the inner thigh, but to be more accurate we will explain about the several kinds of pain, which can vary due to the reason that cause it. For example if the muscles that bind the thighbone to the pubic bone is strained, people may feel partial discomfort; however, if these muscles are exposed to severe stress then there will be a feeling of much more severe pain. If the thigh pain is related to kidney stones, it will be very intense and sudden, it will be felt specifically at the time of spasms, and then it will go away. Another physical symptom can be seen in the top of inner thigh in case of inguinal hernia, in this very condition you can easily notice some kind of odd growths in the groin area that can lead to a severe pain in the inner thigh. There are many medical situations in which inner thigh pain can be considered as one of their symptoms such as  Osteosarcoma that can commonly found in children and teenagers, while osteoarthritis can commonly found among older people.

Inner Thigh Pain Treatment

The treatment of this type of pain can vary from remedies, surgical arrangement with a prolonged course of drugs depending on the case we are facing. Therefore, if your pain is entirely muscular, you should first rest your body, you have to try your best to keep your legs raised, and you can coat it with a compression wrap to give it the support needed for healing and to reduce the pain. You have to be sure to seek a medical professional advice in case of severe muscle pain. In case of hernia a surgical procedure should be done. As we discussed the matter of kidney stones we have to inform that it will pass naturally or surgically, but we administer a pain medication in this case and a lot, mean literally lots of liquids to drink.

Unfortunately there is no known treatment for osteoarthritis, but the inner thigh pain can be managed in this case by very simple arrangements related to lose weight in order to reduce the stress on your joins, in addition you may minimize your options in having regular exercises to swimming, Yoga or walking. and never hesitate to have pain medication both orally and directly massaged or injected in the infected area.

For the previously explained case about the inner thigh pain in pregnancy case it is a pleasure to tell that, the unstable pelvis can be fixed with a belt can support the pelvic, and it is allowed to have certain pain medication under professional supervision.

Chemotherapy may be involved in treatment of osteosarcoma in order to reduce the size of the tumor then there may be a need for surgery to remove it entirely.

There are several ways to relieve inner thigh pain at home. Such as hot bath or tender massage with oils, you also may be sure to keep the hips area warm by covering it with suitable cloths or wraps, you can also try to do Yoga, and taking vitamins and minerals supplements may reduce the pain after a while.

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