Inflamed Eyelid

Inflamed Eyelid

inflamed eyelid
inflamed eyelid

What is an Inflamed Eyelid?

You may have already experienced having inflamed eyelids. The eyelids become inflamed when the oil glands at the junction of the eyelashes and the lid is swollen. This is a condition that is common to all age groups. An inflamed eyelid is not really a serious condition and people who suffered from it would just eventually recover. Nevertheless, the right treatment should be given to it because this is very uncomfortable and pain may be common.

Inflamed eyelids are oftentimes caused by styes or hordeolum. These are swollen bumps which appear on the lid that may look like pimples. This can also be termed as blepharitis. Oftentimes, those who suffered from inflamed eyelids would also experience tenderness at the site and some eyelashes would tend to fall off.


There are two types of blepharitis and these are:

Anterior blepharitis

This commonly appears on the exterior portion of the eyelids which is commonly brought about by scalp dandruff or bacterial infection.

Posterior blepharitis

As opposed to anterior blepharitis, posterior blepharitis usually affects the moist interior part of the eyelids, specifically on the part which come close contact with the eyes. This can be linked to oil gland problems within that part and may primarily be due to scalp dandruff and acne rosacea.

Inflamed Eyelid Symptoms

Aside from having bumps on the eyelids, eyelid inflammation is also accompanied by other symptoms and these include:

  • Itchy and gritty sensation on the eyelids
  • Tenderness on the eyelid
  • Light sensitivity
  • Eye tearing
  • Redness may also be present at times

Inflamed Eyelid Causes

Eyelid inflammation is typically caused by a bacterial infection. The eyelids usually contain oil glands that would help lubricate it. Inflammation starts to develop when bacteria from the skin lodges into these oil glands. With it, styes usually form. Styes may appear like pimples which can be red, swollen and tender. You may also have more than one stye at a time. Inflamed eyelids may become fully blocked in which they are termed as chalazion. This chalazion also has the tendency to increase in size and may begin to create some discomforts especially on your vision. However, you don’t really have to worry if you have inflamed eyelids because these will just drain and resolve on their own. Aside from stye and blepharitis, there are also other conditions that may cause inflammation of the eyelids, including:


These are abnormal growths in the eye which may assume skin-tone or pink color. Papillomas tend to grow slowly. However, when these grow big enough these would cause you visual disturbances. Surgery may be resorted to remove papillomas.


Xanthelasma can be associated with old age and oftentimes due to excess cholesterol. This appears as yellow patches on the eyelids which are considered to be harmless.


Inflamed eyelids can be diagnosed with the mere look of it. The doctor may not run further tests just to diagnose an inflamed eyelid.

Inflamed Eyelid Treatment

Inflamed eyelids can just be managed at home. Typically, treatment would involve the following:

Warm Compresses

Heat application and warm compresses are the best ways for you to slow down the ongoing inflammatory process and deal with pain. Aside from that, heat application also promotes rapid healing. Here’s what you need to do: Take out a clean washcloth and soak it in hot water. The hotness of the water should be well tolerated by you. Apply the washcloth over the inflamed areas. See to it that it is well-covered. You have to apply this for about ten minutes. The rationale of heat application as treatment for eyelid inflammation is that heat would tend to open your pores releasing the dirt and other matters that cause irritation. Warm compresses also help soothe the eyelids and ease you of the discomforts.


Your doctor may also prescribe oral or topical antibiotics. As with oral antibiotics, you have to apply it several times within the day as ordered by your physician. Even when you think that the inflammation has entirely resolved you may still have to continue applying the antibiotic so as to ascertain that the inflammation does not recur.

Avoid using contacts

If you have been using contact lenses for quite some time and you think that these are the main culprit of the inflammation then you should at least quit using the contacts until the inflammation has resolved. In the mean time, you may use your eyeglasses to make way for the healing of the inflammation. You cannot also use your contacts while you’re still using eye medications because there are some ingredients in it that would destroy the contact lens.

Observe good hygiene

Most of all, do not forget the importance of proper hygiene. You have to make sure that you keep your eyes clean at all times. Also, you need to stay out of places where there are lots of pollutants in the air that would irritate your eyes. You may also bring eye drops with you to keep your eyes lubricated. When you are wearing make up on the eyes including mascara, be sure to remove it just before you’re headed to bed.

Inflamed eyelids are not generally a serious condition. However, there are certain instances that would prompt you to go to your doctor immediately and these include:

  • Eyelid inflammation that keeps recurring and does not seem to resolve despite all the treatments given.
  • Presence of big bumps that causes you visual disturbances
  • The eyelid becomes extremely painful
  • The entire eye becomes red
  • Bleeding on the eyelid

Inflamed eyelid is a totally preventable condition. The bottom line is that you should stay away from whatever is causing you eye irritation. For instance, if wearing contacts irritates your eyes then you can opt to wear glasses. Do not also forget to practice good eye hygiene. Never ever touch your eyes with dirty hands. This is the major reason why eye problems develop. Be sure to wash your hand first before you touch your eyes. When you have noted something unusual with your eyelids, do not hesitate to right away consult your doctor so as to prevent further damages from taking place.

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