Guttate Psoriasis

Guttate Psoriasis

guttate psoriasis
guttate psoriasis

What is Guttate Psoriasis?

Guttate Psoriasis literally means drop lesion. This is a type of psoriasis that looks like small, pink drops on the skin. This condition is said to be an uncommon form of psoriasis and is also called Eruptive psoriasis. It has been noted that children are most affected of this condition and those who are younger than 30 years old. The affected according to sex is equally distributed.

This rare form of psoriasis is commonly seen on the young population. This can be sudden and usually appears after an infection, most probably strep throat. Fortunately, this condition is not contagious. People should not place a social stigma or discrimination onto people who are affected. According to studies, this type of psoriasis can be passed down through families.

This condition can be diagnosed with the following methods:

  • Taking a careful medical or family history of diseases
  • Physical examination
  • Serologic analysis
  • Skin biopsy and throat culture– the most useful diagnostic exam

Guttate Psoriasis Symptoms

The patient shall experience the following signs and symptoms:

  • Small, pinkish to reddish drops than appears suddenly 2 to 3 weeks after a strep infection.
  • Itchiness (the patient usually complains that the rashes are irritating)
  • The drops shall start on the patient’s trunk, arms or legs and shall spread to the face, ears or scalp. The palms and soles of feet are clear of the drops.

These presenting symptoms should not be taken for granted. This can provide discomfort to the client that is why the patient is needed to be given care after the first outbreak. The drop like lesions should be treated accordingly so to avoid complications such as secondary skin infections and severe itching of the skin.

Guttate Psoriasis Causes

Patients who are said to may have a significant high number of human leukocyte antigens such as BW17, B13 or CW6 are those affected with the condition. Triggering factors such as the following are said to make one at risk for the condition:

  • Bacterial or viral infections, like upper respiratory tract infections. These infections include streptococcal infection that can cause tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Viral infections such as chicken pox, rubella and roseola can trigger the children for an outbreak.
  • Injury o the skin or trauma to the skin, such as cuts, burns and insect bites
  • Medications – drugs for malaria and heart conditions
  • Stress
  • Sunburn
  • Too much alcohol
  • Immunocompromised patients particularly those who have: AIDS, autoimmune disorders, and who are under chemotherapy

Guttate Psoriasis Treatment

The skin condition usually resolves in itself a few weeks without any treatment. But this condition should not be left entirely alone so to avoid complications. The doctor shall prescribe the patient to take the following medications:

Topical corticosteroids

This is said to be a successful treatment of guttate psoriasis. This can be very beneficial for it can provide an anti-inflammatory effect.


This is provided to patients who are suspected to have a bacterial infection and this remedy is also for prophylaxis. The infections may have started within the respiratory tract, which is why these drugs are prescribed. The patient is provided with the following:

  • Cephalexin
  • Amoxicillin
  • Penicillin
  • Erythromycin
  • Rifampin
  • Azithromycin
  • Phototherapy – this is provided to patients to clear all of the guttate lesions.
  • Vitamin D analogues
  • Surgical intervention – this intervention is not rooted for the condition itself but to the underlying condition that may have caused the disease. Tonsillectomy is done in order to avoid future infections of the strep bacteria.

Home Remedies

Mild cases of guttate psoriasis are provided and assisted with home remedies such as these:

  • Application of cortisone cream, dandruff shampoos, lotions with coal tar, moisturizers and vitamin D and A.
  • Exposing oneself to sunlight can make the symptoms go away. Just make sure that one is not overtly exposed to the sunrays.

The patient should be aware that the condition should not be taken lightly for this can be a chronic or lifelong ailment. The patient should consult the doctor and not rely entirely to the home remedies. It has been said that the drop like lesions shall clear completely after treatment but can worsen when not given attention immediately.

Guttate Psoriasis Pictures

Photos, Images and Pictures of Guttate Psoriasis…

guttate psoriasis pictures

guttate psoriasis pictures

guttate psoriasis pictures

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