Flat Warts on Face

Flat Warts on Face

flat warts on face
flat warts on face

What are Flat Warts?

Flat wart or verruca plana is a condition that one does not love to have. These benign tumors can be physically annoying and disturbing. Flat warts are small in size, about like a pinhead. These flat warts can also appear on the arms, knees, or hands. The flat warts can be in the form of clusters and can be as many as 100 in one. Sometimes these warts are accompanied by itchiness and pain that makes it more a problem.

These warts are similar to our skin tone but can also be pink, light brown or yellow in color. These flat-topped warts are smooth in texture but can also be yellowish in color. The warts are commonly found in places where frequent shaving is done. Flat warts can disappear on their own without treatment. But others prefer to remove them immediately, due to cosmetic purposes. The flat warts are said to occur in clusters especially on fragile skin, making it so delicate for treatment. This can be very embarrassing to anyone affected. But take note, this is not a dangerous condition; the main problem that this state supposes is physical alteration.

Causes of Flat Warts

The cause for this disfiguring condition is the human papilloma virus. The warts are surrounded by dead skin cells, and the root cause can be pointed to specific strains of the human papilloma virus. With the different strains of HPV, the kind that causes genital warts and the common warts are HPV types 3, 10, 28 and 49. Serious cases need to be treated accordingly. Transmission is attained through direct contact. The possibility of spread through inanimate objects is considered.

Complications arise and these are:

  • Spread of warts
  • Recurrence
  • Scar formations when warts are removed
  • Formation of keloids after removal

Flat Warts Treatment

Medications that are readily made available to the public are silver nitrate, salicylic acid and topical creams. These therapies are helpful in burning the dead skin around the wart thus resulting for them to fall off.

Removal of the warts is the most aim for a person affected of the condition. These are possible ways in treating the condition:

  • Topical irritants can be helpful: tretinoin, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. The effect of this treatment is to peel off the wart from the skin.
  • Visiting a specialist is also recommended. Have your dermatologist cut your flat wart. Removal can also be facilitated with cryotherapy. This involves the application of liquid nitrogen that facilitates removal of the warts.
  • Asking for the doctor’s help in order to remove the warts. A laser therapy is a good method in treating the condition. This therapy can burn out the warts.

Prevention can be attained with the following measures:

  • Follow strict hand washing
  • Wash face regularly, avoid scratching the open cuts of the skin
  • Don’t touch other people’s warts or using the objects of other people
  • Avoid spread to others: make sure you limit yourself with direct contact with others.

Flat Warts on Face Pictures

Photos, Images and Pictures of Flat Warts on Face…

flat warts on face pictures

flat warts on face pictures

flat warts on face pictures

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